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Brooklyn Athletic Facility
Brooklyn Athletic Facility (BAF) is located at Six MetroTech Center in downtown Brooklyn.  The majority of activity area space is located within the Jacobs Academic portion of the complex. The Physical Fitness Room and Administrative Office, on the other hand, are located in the Rogers Hall section, while the Sky Box (overlooking the Gymnasium’s regulation-sized basketball court) is located in the Jacobs Administrative wing.

Capital improvements were made to Facility spaces in the summer of 2014 with the merger of NYU and Poly Athletics.  All aerobic and strength training equipment, in what is now the Aerobic Fitness Room, was upgraded to form a state of the art fitness circuit.  A subsequent expansion of activity area space into the basement level of Rogers Hall in the fall of 2015, into what is now the Physical Fitness Room, allowed for the development of cardio and weight training dedicated spaces in the Aerobic and Physical Fitness Rooms respectively.

When visiting the Facility, members may enjoy partaking in the many free-play activities scheduled in the Gymnasium or engross themselves in online content while utilizing the fitness industry’s most advanced cardio equipment.  Patrons can complement their activity in the Facility by using our vast assortment of free weight equipment or traverse our various cutting edge selectorized strength training pieces.  Either way, the Facility offers its members exercise amenities to satisfy a wide spectrum of fitness and recreation goals.

Aerobic Fitness Room
This 2,900+ square foot area is located in the basement level of the Jacobs Academic wing of the building. In August 2014, the Aerobic Fitness Room was upgraded with Life Fitness Discover equipment. This state-of-the-art technology in cardio equipment features an LCD personal viewing screen. The consoles have touch technology controls with android and iPod/iPhone compatibility. Users can surf the internet during their workouts and track their progress through LF Connect. Patrons can challenge themselves cardiovascularly on one of the many treadmills, ellipticals, spin bikes, flexstriders, stairclimbers, recumbent or upright bikes. Additionally, Aerobic Fitness Room also includes a full circuit of selectorized plate-loaded weight training machines, medicine and plyometric stability balls, stretch mats, foam rollers, and an open area that can be utilized for stretching or calisthenics.

Located in the lobby level of the Jacob’s Academic wing, the 8,000+ square foot Gymnasium contains a regulation-sized basketball court that is generally available for free play
basketball.  In addition to this, other free-play activities that are occasionally scheduled for the space include futsal, volleyball, table tennis, cricket and and badminton.  Free play
activities are based on a challenge system. The Gymnasium also hosts a number of University-related events including new student convocations, admissions events,
career fairs, student activities events, and technology conferences. The Gymnasium is home to NYU’s badminton and table tennis clubs, Women’s and Men’s softball and baseball practices respectively, and select varsity volleyball contests.  An assortment of basketballs are available for general use while volleyballs, futsals, and jump-ropes may be available, activity-permitting, upon request.

Physical Fitness Room
The 3,300+ square foot Physical Fitness Room hosts all of Brooklyn Athletic Facility’s strength and weight training equipment. It includes adjustable benches, free weights ranging from 1lbs to 100lbs, plate-loaded cable column equipment, weighted barbells, and combo racks to satisfy a vast array of weightlifting exercises. Patrons may obtain a daily use lock here in exchange for their NYU ID cards. The space also includes office space for NYU Athletics staff.

Sky Box
The 760+ square foot Sky Box, located in the Jacobs Academic Wing of the complex, overlooks the Gymnasium.  This space is equipped with a balcony, ample seating, a conference room table, wheelchair accessible restroom, and a functioning kitchenette.

Women’s and Men’s Locker Rooms
Locker room facilities are available in the basement level of the Jacobs Academic wing. Both men’s and women’s locker rooms are equipped with daily use lockers, single stall showers, toilet stalls and a general sink area with available electrical outlets. In the event of maximum occupancy of lockers in the locker rooms, additional lockers are available in the hallways leading to and between Athletics’ spaces in the basement level.  Daily use locks can be obtained in our Physical Fitness Room in exchange for a member’s NYU ID card.